My name is Ankit Singh and I am a graduate from Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton. I have a strong passion for publishing, branding, graphic design, motion and illustration. As a graphic artist I aim to make vibrant visuals that can be rich, engaging and attain sophistication. As much as there is a cognitive thinking process behind every design, I like to portray my ideas with new mediums in order to produce a visual pleasure. This is my passion and I love to create.

My work is inspired from people’s conversations, physical surroundings, and objects that catch my eye; particularly the obscure and interesting.

The name 'Charcoallines' as a designer has a very personal connotation to me. Smooth flowing lines are a prominent feature in my work and this is presented within my practice. Today fluidity gives me the ability to transition between an illustrative and graphic worlds. Charcoallines, as my identity, gives me creative freedom to be a graphic practitioner.